The Satellite review


You know, the White Stripes were an American rock duo and the Rilo Kiley is an American indie rock band based in Los Angeles. Everyone from the White Stripes and Rilo Kiley to the New York Dolls and the gossip that has played in the indie-rock bastion that for so many years was called as the Spaceland, but recently it has been named as The Satellite. You know, the stage at The Satellite is very narrow, even though it has hosted so many international and national performers like Moe Tucker, Supergrass, the Muffs, Pavement, Death Cab for Cutie, the Buzzccks and so on.

This venue is synonymous with the Silver Lake music scene, launching like Elliott Smith and Silversun Pickups, Possum Dixon, crucial local icons as Beck. You know recently, this  club has welcomed the Booker T. Jones and Pipettes, the Melvins, the Diamond Light along with this they have also welcomed the comedy nights and dance. You can expect dance on every Saturday at the Satellite venue in Silver Lake.

Why the Satellite is driving more visitors

  • Bar facility

The Satellite venue has a complete bar and there you can also find the separate bar with the pool table which is walled off with a plastic wall such as the Cone of Silence.

  • Parking Facility

The bar offers a street parking and also you can find small adjoining lot along with valet parking with advanced planning is available, but you have ensured the posted signs since many neighboring streets that are characterized by compulsory permit-parking restrictions.

  • Advance Tickets

It is better to set up the tickets in advance for all the show. If you want to know the details about the next event and the timings of the show, then you have to examine the calendar on the website to know the event schedule to which you are planning to go.

  • Food and beverages

This venue caters the food through so many local restaurants which are located nearby the venue. They have a diverse beer choice featuring local and domestic favorites. They provide all the types of beverages.

  • Renting facilities

If you are planning to host a program, then you can take this venue for rent. While renting this venue they offer Stage for Live music/Dj, Microphones, Lights and Full PA System with sound.

  • How to buy the tickets?

To offer convenience for the viewers, tickets are issued in the online or you can also buy them at the door with cash only.

  • Wheelchair accessible

These days, almost all the venue offers this facility for the handicap people. If you require any special assistance, then you have to inform them in advance with the staff members.

  • Better sound quality

Ensure that, sound engineer one of essential persons for your show. Ensure that, the venue must have good acoustic and these days most of the venue offer musical instruments for the rent, it is better to examine out the instrument properly.

The Satellite is one of the best venues in that place; it attracts all the people to do the shows in them because they offer enough facilities to host a program successfully.


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